Test yourself! Can you complete these sentences?

Take this short quiz to exercise and expand your vocabulary! Here are seven commonly used English phrases with key words removed. Can you fill in the gaps and complete all of the sentences correctly?

Use the context provided in the sentences to guide you, the images are there to provide some useful hints as well.

To check your answers, simply click the button below each image to find out. Can you get all seven? Leave a comment with your score, best of luck!

I can’t wait to go on holiday. I’ll go online now to _________  my  __________.

Complete the sentence 1

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book my flights.


Do you think that one day it will be possible to _________ forwards or backwards in __________?

Complete the sentence 2

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travel forwards or backwards in time?


Goodbye! I hope you have a _________    __________!

Complete the sentence 3

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safe journey.


I’m so tired! I work all week, and at the weekend I have to do all the _________    __________.

Complete the sentence 4

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house work.


Let’s go shopping at the weekend. Those shoes I want are _________    __________.

Complete the sentence 5

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on sale.


I’m coughing, sneezing, and I feel terrible. I guess I’ve  _________  a  __________.

Complete the sentence 6

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caught a cold.


No one is talking to each other at the party. We need to find a way to _________  the __________.

Complete the sentence 7

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break the ice.

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  1. Hi, I guess 5/7 phrases , but some of them I mistakes 1 word. For example: I have got a cold instead of ” caught”, safe trip instead of ” journey”, go forward for ” travel”. Is it concerned right? Thanks.

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