10 Compound Nouns | English Grammar

Compound nouns are formed by combining two words together to make a new word with a different meaning, often with completely unrelated meanings!

There are different types of compound nouns. Some compound nouns are one word (teabag, snowman, football), some are two words (apple tree, water park), and some are hyphenated (self-control, half-brother).

An increasingly popular form of a compound word is a Portmanteau, a word created by combining the beginning of one word, and the end of another, each retaining their original meaning (hangry, frenemy, Brexit).

Reckon you already know a few compound nouns? See how many you can identify using the images below, we’ve left some clues to get you started. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your score!

1. Where do you go to catch a bus?

compound noun 1

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2. Where exotic plants grow.

compound noun 2

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3. A widespread and commonly found garden insect.

compound noun 3

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4. Fast transportation! 

compound noun 4

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5. This insect doesn’t need a torch…

compound noun 5

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6. You might be writing with one?

compound noun 6

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7. Very useful on cold winter nights! 


compound noun 7

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8. An instrument native to Scotland and Ireland. 


compound noun 8

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9. You might go there to catch a … to get to school or work

compound noun 9

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10. The answer could be under your feet! 

compound noun 10

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Did you manage to get 10 out of 10? Let us know in the comments! For more information and practical guidance to improve your English Grammar, you may find our range of dictionary products useful!

Pronunciation tip! More often than not, the stress in a compound noun is usually at the first syllable. Try stressing the first syllable of the compound nouns explored in this article.

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