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Apps to learn EnglishDo you wish you could improve your English but lack time in your schedule? Maybe downloading an English learning app is the perfect solution! Mobile apps have unquestionably made our lives easier and English learning is no exception. So don’t give up on improving your English just yet. Finding an effective and intuitive app will most certainly make good use of your time. Need more information? Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions.


Can I learn how to speak English with an app?

Speaking is definitely a difficult area for most learners as there’s little time to prepare what you want to say. It also requires confidence. Even though they can’t replace traditional in-person conversations in English, some apps can certainly help you prepare to speak really well. Many apps only focus on vocabulary, but not all of them. 

English Coach, a new app on the market with content from Oxford University Press, is an example of an app that focuses on helping you speak English. In the app, there are scenarios that you role-play with a friendly chatbot partner. The app corrects your mistakes and congratulates you when you say the right thing. This makes speaking much easier in real-life in professional scenarios as you have practised what to say and have built up your confidence.


Can an app help me with pronunciation?

Natural and clear pronunciation can truly be the cherry on top of your English speaking. Sometimes language learners generalise and believe that every time they struggle to convey their message in spoken English, they have to work on their vocabulary or grammar. But, from time to time, it’s incorrect pronunciation, like intonation or pronunciation of sounds, that creates a communication barrier. Incorrect pronunciation can even, for example, change the meaning of words!

In the English Coach app you can find useful exercises to improve your pronunciation in workplace situations such as meetings. You can listen to a model of a word or phrase and then repeat it. You’ll receive instant feedback on your intelligibility (whether your pronunciation can be understood or not). If a word can’t be understood, it will be highlighted, so you know exactly what to work on. 

Are apps useful to improve my English for my career?

Many learners find that the exercises on a lot of apps don’t quite match their professional or academic needs. If you’ve used apps already, you’ll know that they’re good at teaching you basic things like ordering a pizza, but this kind of language won’t help you excel at work. Plus, English learners who are already at an advanced level often can’t find apps that challenge them enough.

If you need to improve your skills quickly to find better career opportunities, there are now a few apps that can help you. With English Coach you can find exercises specifically designed for workplace scenarios that will help you to crush that next interview, introduce yourself to colleagues or even negotiate that amazing promotion. 

How can I stay motivated to learn English through an app?

More often than not, learners make the effort to download a learning app but forget about it after a few weeks. If the notifications and reminders aren’t enough to keep you motivated, the exercises should be. Often the real motivator is feeling like you’re learning something. It takes a long time to master a language but feeling like you’re taking steps in the right direction is extremely motivating. 

English Coach makes it clear to you how many exercises you’ve done and how your scores have improved. But on top of that there is detailed feedback when you get an answer wrong, so you really feel like you’re learning something new, every time you use the app. 

If you’re serious about improving your English, try the English Coach app, with its content designed by Oxford University Press. With quick and targeted challenges, you’re in control of your learning journey. The app supports, corrects and encourages you at every stage. See what you think. 

Download the app today and seriously improve your English!



Author: Oxford University Press ELT

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