Non-renewable energy | Topical vocabulary list

Non-renewable energy is energy that cannot be replaced after use such as fossil fuels or natural resources (i.e. gas or oil). Do you know words related to non-renewable energy?

Fill the gap in each sentence with one word or expression from the box. Look up the words in Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries and use the information in the entry to help you.

coal, electricity, energy, fossil fuels, gas, nuclear energy, oil, petrol, power, power station

1. When ____________, like coal and oil, are burned to produce energy, they create greenhouse gases.

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fossil fuels

2. The UK extracts _________, and some oil, from the North Sea.

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3. There is a _______________ located near the town, which causes air pollution.

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power station

4. Several companies are drilling for ___________ in the region.

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5. If more people installed solar panels, they would use less _____________ from non-renewable sources like coal.

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energy OR electricity

6. Burning coal to generate ______________ produces far more carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels.

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electricity OR power

7. The aim is to eliminate carbon pollution from the ______________ industry by 2050.

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power OR energy OR electricity

8. ______________ does not produce carbon dioxide but it does produce radioactive waste.

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nuclear energy

9. At the height of the Industrial Revolution, vast numbers of people spent their lives working in factories and ___________ mines.

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10.__________ and diesel fumes pollute the environment and contribute to climate change.

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  1. I got 9 out of 10.
    I noticed that there isn’t a clear-cut distinction between energy and power. They can both come in certain answer. That posed me some problems.

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